Rain Rain Go Away!

Because if you stick around, I might get into some trouble by indulging with some online retail therapy (of course, we hope you will start your rainy day shopping experience with Spence and Lane Boutique).  Hint! Hint!
Summer brings summer rain showers, new bikini diets (yikes) and lots of outdoor activities.  Why not enjoy a good book or marathon of ‘Sex in the City’ reruns (of course for the fashion).  Not in the mood for getting into that bikini?  Then, try your culinary skills and bake something yummy like one of my faves –
                                 Banana Split Bites
                           3 bananas, sliced @ 1 inch
                               ¼ lb. cored pineapple
                               6 strawberries, halved
                              1 cup dipping chocolate
                   ¼ cup chopped nuts of your choice
                      12 popsicle sticks for skewers
Freeze fruit after cutting for 10 minutes, Melt chocolate in microwave for 30 seconds, stirring until smooth.  Layer pineapple, banana & strawberry on skewer.  Dip in melting chocolate, then in nuts and place on prepared parchment lined cookie sheet.  Voila!
They are so GOOD & CUTE, and who can eat a whole banana split by themselves anyway?  I declare these GUILT FREE!
Or you might be off to a backyard BBQ and have that thought, ‘I have nothing to wear’, (sound familiar?), a simple tee or tank would be perfect, especially after the rain, when it is even hotter.  Paired with those favorite cut-offs or simply a pair of comfy white shorts, you will not only be casual, but stepped your just plain ole’ t-shirt to the next level.


Whether it be ‘rain’ or ‘shine’, enjoy the summer as we will all be complaining when it gets too cold to stay outside.  Are we ever happy?  Have fun on those family vacations and we hope you arrive home safely – after all, making those memories and taking the pictures that you will look at years later and wonder ‘what was I thinking when I wore that?’ or ‘look at my hair!’ are only too familiar to those of us that admit it.

Laney Houston from Cleveland, Tennessee is modeling the tie dye pants and local tank! 

 Until next time,


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