Leaves of Gold

 This past week I caved in to peer pressure and got an Apple Watch. Ever since they came out I said over and over again, "I am NOT getting an Apple Watch." I think part of it was partly a desire to not conform after I had already given in to the iPad, iPhone, iBook, and iPod and partly the fact that I already feel so "connected" to the world around me. It's impossible it seems to leave your phone at home or to fall off the grid for any amount of time without coming back to your phone with a hundred missed calls and texts from concerned family and friends because "Where are you?!"

Of course, if I had been one of the original owners of the Apple Watch I would have wanted the nice one... you know, that one that costs $10K. That's right... $10K for a watch. I love my accessories but Momma needs a new car before a gold watch.

However, in Apple's most recent Keynote last week they introduced two new Apple Watches in the Sport edition - a muted, classy brushed gold and a feminine, delicate brushed rose gold. All for the price of the Apple Sport. I guess that's all it took was a little brushed gold and a much more affordable price tag to convince me maybe I could get some usefulness out of the fall's hottest, new accessory. My watch came within just a couple of business days and it's everything I thought it could be and more. It really is useful and how can I not love the multitude of watch bands they just came out with - a color for every outfit!

Summer is supposed to be the lazy season but for me, fall is the season where things slow down just a little bit and I remember to enjoy the simple things in life. Part of that is disconnecting sometimes. Maybe it's just for an hour a day, but I would encourage you to fix yourself a cup of coffee(or tea!) and go outside and feel the crispness in the air or smell the burning from a neighbors fire or just appreciate the beauty of these quickly approaching fall days. Technology gives us every opportunity to stay connected 100% but for just a few minutes each day we owe it ourselves to take a step back and soak up the last warm rays of sunshine and welcome a new season full of pumpkins and bonfires and some of fall's coziest designs thanks to Spence & Lane

        xoxo, patty lauren
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