Have You Plaid Your Weekend Yet?

Have You "Plaid" Your Weekend Yet?

Have you planned your weekend yet?

Let's PLAID it out!

With Spence and Lane's new fall line that just dropped last Thursday, to their new arrivals every Thursday, you can't help but to add a few goodies to your closet for this upcoming season. Say goodbye to summer and hello to fall. Tomorrow is the big day! 
 Fall is upon us, here in the Northern Hemisphere. 
Cheers to the early nights and considerably cooler weather!
Watching the trees turn from a uniform green to all varieties of gold, yellow, and red is the beauty fall brings. How can it be that all this beauty is a sign of death and decay? It is certain that the changing of colors foreshadow a bitterness cold, with or without snow. Fall isn’t just a change in the weather, a change in your wardrobe, there’s countless changes unknown. It's not the Friday night lights, the Saturday tailgates, the Sunday mornings where you skip church or whatever it is you do. Actually, it is. FALL is all about the football games, tailgate parties, the mornings where it's too cold to roll out of bed. It's that time of the year where the weight is put on, but it's not shown. Fall is all about layers upon layers, rather it's your covers or your clothes, you choose. But, how do you "plaid" your weekend? Do you go to the fall carnivals, tailgate at your local universities, walk trails, have bonfires, what is it you do? Whatever you do, Spence and Lane has you covered. Rather you want to spend your weekend tailgating, having nights out, hunting, camping, casual date nights, whatever fall festivities you do, I have a few outfit ideas PLAIDED (planned) out for YOU!
From plain to plaid-ful, Spence and Lane has you covered! 
If you aren't ready to pack up your maxi dresses, transition them into your fall wardrobe with a little splash of plaid, rather it be a flannel or just a kimono, either will work! 
Like what you see? Check each item out: It's All About That Fur, Meet Me on Plaid Avenue, Be My Plaid Kimono, and the Magnificent Maxi Dress 
Not too fond of the plaid, faux fur or maxi dress combination? How about a little game day appi-tease. 
Like something simple and flowy? Try this AWWWBURN top and Faux Fur Vest (link listed in previous outfit) 
Still not ready to hide your skin? Try this polka-dotted skirt that's to die for (definitely need this in my closet) and add a little southern mess tank to complete the look. Don't forget to take a cardigan for the late night air. 
P.S, the tank is on sale! Catch it before it's too late.
Extra thanks to Sparkle for helping PLAID out this season!
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