New Years Resolution

New Year’s Resolution – SOLUTION!


We have all make a New Year’s Resolution or two, or three or ten, but many of us get too busy and sometimes even too lazy to keep them.   This year, when I thought about ‘resolutions’, I thought of my closet. Just moving into a new house on December 18th - Friday before Christmas (what was I thinking?) is what brought this to my attention. When the hustle-bustle of Christmas subsided, and the fact that I tripped over my dishwasher door (because I left it down & forgot it was open) – OUCH! – sprained my wrist, and I know my pain threshold is usually a 10, it seemed to be a 2 on this occasion. So, the decision to straighten my closet instead of unpacking boxes was inevitable (I figured it was the only thing I could do one handed). LOL!


The resolution started even before the New Year, (imagine that!). My thoughts (after 2 hours) went to, why am I keeping this? I started organizing by ‘haven’t worn in the last year’ to ‘won’t wear in the next decade’. If you have difficulty giving things away, or deciding if you are ever going to wear something, ask your daughter or a friend over and make it a party. Get a glass of wine and have a good laugh or two! Usually daughters and friends are very critical when you ask them for the truth – believe me, they won’t hold back.


Think about giving your items to your local charity, as they are always in need of semi-worn items. It’s therapeutic and might just inspire the rest of your family to follow your lead. My husband has always had the theory ‘if you get a sweater, go immediately to your closet, and put it in the giveaway pile’. Mine, of course, has always been, ‘I might wear it one day’.


I rewarded myself with a trip to Spence and Lane Boutique in Thomasville, Ga. and bought a new puffer jacket. After all, I gave three to charity, so why not? It is so cute and I love it and it fit perfect. My husband saw me trying it on at home, and asked me if it was new, and my answer was, of course, “this old thing?” Well, new or old, it goes perfect with the new leggings I bought, along with a few other things.

 Olive Puffer Jacket

So, if you haven’t made any New Year’s resolutions, why not start with your closet and then, do as I did, if you live close to Thomasville, Ga, go to the store, but if not, they have a website too – – so easy to reward yourself, one way or the other!......Happy New Year to you and Yours!

~~Daisy Harper~~





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