Talking Color

Talking Color
We’re counting down the days until Spring. It’s time to let go of our neutrals and sprinkle some bright colors back into our wardrobes. It’s time to let our clothes give way to excitement and optimism. 
 Every season, Pantone releases the Top 10 Colors for Men’s and Women’s fashion. As trends emerge, it’s easier to differentiate tones and hues to find the exact shade that’s popping up throughout. Laurie Pressman said that Pantone’s Color Institute saw a movement toward very calm shades contrasted with specific pops of bright primaries for the spring of 2016.
 Rose Quartz is as pretty as it sounds. This beautiful color will make you dream of those pretty pink rose petals and remind you of your blushing cheeks. Serenity will leave you feeling weightless and airy. The secret to mastering the spring palette is to make your own combination of the solid tones. You can mix and match the colors to achieve any sophisticated or elegant look. Spence and Lane recently added the 'Cozy Rosy Top' in extended sizes which will leave a few of you ladies with a combination of Rose Quartz and Green Flash if you're buying! 
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