Leaves of Gold

 This past week I caved in to peer pressure and got an Apple Watch. Ever since they came out I said over and over again, "I am NOT getting an Apple Watch." I think part of it was partly a desire to not conform after I had already given in to the iPad, iPhone, iBook, and iPod and partly the fact that I already feel so "connected" to the world around me. It's impossible it seems to leave your phone at home or to fall off the grid for any amount of time without coming back to your phone with...

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Fall In Love

We've been asking you to fall for quite a few things over the last week. Luckily for you, it's not all in vain. All the sneaks, the contest, the buzz on social media has all been leading up to the first Fall project by Spence and Lane. We've worked around the clock, we've shopped, styled, photographed, maybe had a few glasses of wine, all in preparation to bring the newest Fall trends mixed with everlasting style and affordability, to you, our favorite shopper. You'll shop these new looks from the comfort of your home, car, grocery store, salon chair or...

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Rain Rain Go Away!

RAIN – RAIN – GO AWAY ! Because if you stick around, I might get into some trouble by indulging with some online retail therapy (of course, we hope you will start your rainy day shopping experience with Spence and Lane Boutique).  Hint! Hint!   Summer brings summer rain showers, new bikini diets (yikes) and lots of outdoor activities.  Why not enjoy a good book or marathon of ‘Sex in the City’ reruns (of course for the fashion).  Not in the mood for getting into that bikini?  Then, try your culinary skills and bake something yummy like one of my...

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